Cutting edge technologies and methodologies to understand the unconscious minds and brain decision making process of consumers


No more misteries, no more secret, it doesn´t matter how deep un the unconcious mind of your consumers we have to go...


No more disagreements, no more gut feelings, one strategic document that guides your company...

NeuroLab & Neuromarketing

We apply the most advanced technologies in Electro-Encephalogram, biometrics and Eye Tracking to help you in...

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Competition was gaining in share of panel and share of market at the expense of our products, the KB10 and KB12 cameras. We hiredMindcode™ to relaunch the product and discover a new concept for the sales promise. As a result, we changed the packaging, put it on code, and gave it a powerful and suggestive message which enabled us to get around the problem. At present, we are exporting this same strategy to seven other countries in North, Central, and South America.

Veronica Medina Marketing Director / Kodak


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